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The All-Time Best Products for Filling In Sparse Eyebrows

There is no beauty topic I am more passionate about than brows. Of all the physical traits I inherited from my father, sparse eyebrows is the one I wish had a return policy. It’s like someone decided to pick off my brows but quit halfway through, leaving me with teeny patches that won’t grow in a perfectly arched line. If brows are supposed to look like sisters, mine are distant relatives. In short, the brow struggle is real.

While most of my friends spent their time getting tweezed, plucked and waxed at the salon, I spent copious amounts of cash on serums and oils that promised to deliver Cara Delevingne-level thickness. Needless to say, nothing worked, and by the time I had reached my late 20s, I suspected it would take drastic measures for me to finally get the brows of my dreams. Spoiler alert: I was right.

Last year, I took the plunge and decided to try microblading. Unlike eyebrow tattooing, which tends to look like stencils (not cute), the former is best described as semi-permanent tattooing. Using a set of teeny blades, an expert will draw hair-like strokes along your natural brow line that stay in place for one to three years. What gives them such lasting power is the fact that pigment is literally being planted inside the skin as opposed to the standard products you can wash off at the end of the day.

Microblading really upped my brow confidence, but I also understand not everyone has the budget for a pricey makeover. And even with my new brows, I still utilize a set of trusty gels, pomades and pencils to enhance my look. Ahead, I’ve gathered the affordable and luxe products I still swear by. If you have baby brows like me, you’ll appreciate these fillers.


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