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30 Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Wear a Headband

With celebrities like Hailey Baldwin, Zendaya and Eva Mendes showing up on the red carpet with their locks fastened with adorable elastic wreaths, we can safely say: The headband trend is officially back. Once relegated to the discount bins at your favorite mall shop or on the heads children under the age of 10, headbands haven’t been at their peak popularity for a while. However, with more and more stars opting for headbands instead of crazy-styled locks, it seems like the horseshoe-shaped hair accessory is making a comeback.

Serving a multitude of purposes, including keeping hair out of your eyes and sweat from running down your face, headbands are a multifunctional accessory that’ll elevate most hairstyles in a matter of seconds. Given the on-the-go lives of our favorite stars, it makes sense more celebrities are ditching the hours of blowouts and reaching for the easy, fuss-free accessory instead. From intricate gold wreaths to fun patterned scarves, here are 30 super-chic ways celebrities are styling headbands.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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