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12 Famous Women Whose Careers Skyrocketed After Dyeing Their Hair

What a difference hair makes. It’s no secret natural hair color is somewhat of a myth in Hollywood. With so many celebrities switching up their natural-born shades for hues on the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, it’s near-impossible to track down what someone’s original hair looks like. And while most of us switch up our hair for vanity purposes, the right hairstyle in Hollywood can mean life or death for a star’s career.

When you’re starting out in the business, everything counts —
even the strands of hair on your head. So when celebrities like Emma Stone and Amy Adams weren’t booking roles as blondes, they went straight to the hair dye, kissed their sun-kissed locks goodbye and became gingers, which is when the parts started rolling in.

And while the right color is different for everyone (for Stone and Adams, it might be red; for others, it might be black or brown), one thing is for sure: If it’s not working, dye it. Ahead, peek at 12 famous women whose careers exploded after dying their hair.


Originally posted on StyleCaster. 

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