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11 Post-Gym Hairdos so You Can Skip the Blow-Dryer

We get it. There’s not always time to primp and pamper yourself after a hard workout. A body shower? Maybe. But sometimes, the task of washing your hair, let alone styling it, is just not in the cards.

The best part is that even if you decide to skip the showers and embrace your sweaty self for a while longer, the right hairstyle can keep that a secret. (How you smell, on the other hand — that’s on you.) Thankfully, some talented lady bloggers have nailed the whole post-gym hairstyle thing whether they realized it or not. After all, we do live in the age of athleisure, and if it’s socially acceptable to wear gym clothes all day, we should be able to rock our post-gym hair all day.

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Check out these sneaky hairstyles featuring braids, ponytails and more that will work wonders at hiding your wet post-workout hair.

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