15 Steamy Movies That Will Give You & Your Partner a Bunch of New Bedroom Ideas

Since Netflix and chill has become the norm, nights spent in can feel predictable instead of sexy. Sometimes you want to spice things up, and there are plenty of movies that can help with that. So instead of binge-watching your favorite TV series again, expand your horizons.

To make the most of a night spent at home with your significant other, try turning each other on by turning on a truly steamy movie. We’re talking something totally NSFW — something you might not normally tune into because it’s so damn racy.

That’s the point, right? You want to get your pulse up, make your blood course and basically just turn the entire night into one extended session of foreplay. Bonus? To save you some dodgy Google search results, we did the, ahem, hard work for you.

Plan your next sexy night around one of these super-steamy movies. Be forewarned, though: You’re probably going to need a cold shower after looking through this list.