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Here’s How Much Your Favorite TV Homes & Apartments Would Actually Cost

Real talk: Swooning over fictionalized TV apartments is almost as much fun as watching the shows the apartments are in. However, this often leads to a severe case of apartment envy followed by a round of questioning all your life choices and, finally, feeling particularly dubious of your favorite characters’ ability to afford said apartments. 

After all, who among us wouldn’t love to sit on the stoop of Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City brownstone or browse law books at the home-slash-practice of HTGAWM‘s Annalise Keating? But naturally, the pressing question is this: Could we afford to? Could they even afford to? 

To find out, we tapped real estate site Trulia to pinpoint how much our favorite TV apartments would cost per month in real life. And while some of the answers may pleasantly surprise you, Trulia’s real estate and lifestyle expert Lynnette Bruno shares some cautionary insight. 

“While the homes on TV shows and movies seem like reasonably sized living spaces for our favorite characters, what these shows don’t reflect well is the true cost of living in pricey cities like New York City and San Francisco,” she told us. “In reality, the Full House Tanner family home would actually be far too expensive for the average American family to afford and maintain.” 

Keep reading to see exactly how reasonable (or not) these memorable TV digs truly are. 

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