9 Couples Sex Toys & How to Use Them

Ah, sex toys. As a grown adult, hopefully, you’ve found a few favorite standbys for your personal pleasure chest. But if you typically only use them to go alone, it’s time to consider new possibilities. Sex toys aren’t just for solo play — they can also make partnered adventures even more enthralling. And we’re not just talking about using what you have. Yes, you can grab your fave vibe and bring it to the coupled mix, but there’s a whole market full of toys designed to give both you and your boo pleasure, no jealousy required.

Like most things, the enjoyment of toys is better shared. We focused here on toys that are meant to be used with a partner. From hands-free vibrators to clenched-Kegel dildos, we think these are the best toys to explore with your best bed friend.

So go on. Add a little buzz to your breakfast sex, some daring to your dinnertime denouement. These toys can help.