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16 Cool Nail Designs for Short Tips

Longer nails may appear to have the upper hand at first glance when it comes to cool designs, but those of us with shorter nails are certainly not without choices. And if biting is what keeps you calm in this mad, mad world, we totally sympathize — but just know that there’s no need to forgo a cool nail design for your sanity. Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards shared a few tips on how to get your best tips and curb the chew. When you’re done checking out her tips, click through the slideshow for even more gorgeous short-nail inspiration.

Color choices matter

This is particularly true if you’re a biter. “You want a color to distract you from biting your nails. Generally, warm tones are not as effective in doing that,” says Edwards, who recommends trying bright pinks or orange.

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Go faux

If you don’t want to deal with trying to find a design that works on your natural nail length, Edwards also suggests opting for shorter press-on nails. It may also help keep your hands away from your mouth if you’re tempted to bite.

Spot & treat

ID what’s making you bite and work on a solution to quit. Applying tea tree oil to your nails may work for you as a biting deterrent and can heal the skin around your nails, making for an even, cleaner-looking manicure.

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Now that the foundation is set, jump into some nail inspo with 16 designs that were pretty much invented with shorter tips in mind.


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