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15 Times Celebrities Looked Like the Dancing Girl Emoji

Ever since emojis came into our lives, texting has never been the same. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of adorable, textable caricatures that perfectly convey our emotions. (Feeling petty? Try the upside-down smiley face. Want someone to know you’re dying of laughter? You’ve got the pick of the litter.) And though everyone has their own emoji interpretations, perhaps the most agreed-upon emoji is the dancing girl — the vibrant woman in the red dress who sums up our excitement more than any combination of smiley faces.

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Given the emoji’s popularity, it’s no wonder dozens of celebrities are popping up in shifty scarlet-red dresses identical to the letter-size woman on our phone screens. And though not all these celebrity red dresses are exactly like the dancing girl’s, there’s no question the emoji is a fashion icon and is shaking up the style game on the reg. Live out your dancing girl emoji dreams with these 15 celebrity red dresses.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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