11 New Fall Fragrances You Need to Own This Season

There’s no better way to kick off fall — the coziest of seasons — than with a new fragrance. We can pretty much all agree that Mother Nature has been in one hell of a mood lately (to say the least). And honestly, it’s making the always-brutal summer breakup with fresh florals and sunny citruses even harder to get over.

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But there’s plenty to fall in love with this season, including a fresh batch of blends that’ll remind you of brighter days, a good cup of coffee, crisp fruits and fresh autumn flowers. So while we’re layering, latte-ing it up and getting into the groove of fall, find yourself a new fragrance fling — perhaps in one of these 11 new scents. We promise it will help hold you over until the next summer solstice.


Originally posted on StyleCaster