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Eva Mendes Uses This Lazy Hack for Great Hair

While Eva Mendes might seem like Superwoman — considering she’s a mother of two, a movie star and the designer of her self-named clothing brand — she’s actually pretty down-to-earth. Sure, like any A-lister, she might have a glam squad of 20 at her beck and call, but Mendes knows that’s not the case for everyone, and she wants her style to reflect that.

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At last Thursday’s celebration of the fall launch of her clothing line, Mendes wore a green polka-dot dress from her collection and a matching turban and told E! News that she prefers a dress to jeans and a T-shirt because it’s simply easier to get on and get going. “For me, jeans and a T-shirt are already too much. Those are two articles of clothing you have to get on with having two babies. That’s too much,” she said. (Gotta agree with her there — dresses FTW.)

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Mendes has another super-smart, time-saving style trick up her sleeve too. She claims that a hair turban, though it might look complicated, is a creative way to appear glamorous when you actually have a million other things to do.

Wearing a turban saves Mendes from worrying about unwashed or unstyled hair. (We relate.) “For me, it’s just an easy way to throw it up and just kind of like try to make it look like I’m kind of put-together,” she says. Amen to that!

Check out the slideshow ahead for some easy hair accessory inspo — from turbans and scarves to headbands — of which we’re guessing Mendes would approve.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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