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10 Expert-Approved Tricks for Air-Drying Every Hair Type

Out of pure laziness, I’ve always been an air-dryer. Of course, when I’m lucky enough to get a blowout, I leave the salon looking like my best self, but even as a self-diagnosed beauty obsessive, I don’t have the skill (or patience) to recreate a sleek, polished look while I’m rushing to get ready for work.

Alas, post-shower, I let my hair do its thing, which, depending on the day, usually results in some sort of a wavy mess. But since I’ll more or less stick to my lazy-girl ways for life, I refuse to believe air-drying has to equate less good-looking hair, which is why I chatted with celebrity hair expert Kristin Ess to learn expert-approved tricks for naturally drying every hair type.

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“It goes without saying that, obviously, the less heat styling the better,” says Ess, who regularly transforms the heads of Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan Tatum. “Air-drying allows the hair to lay a little smoother over time, and essentially, minimizes damage. But we’re also moving into this world where air-dryer textures are cool — they don’t look so forced or pattern-y, just more of a natural, cool-girl look.”

Ahead, Ess reveals 10 tricks for drying wavy, curly, straight and thin hair types — all of which are incredibly easy, super-quick and lazy-girl approved.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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