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21 Sofas That Will Look Amazing in a Tiny Space

Let’s be honest — there are tons of advantages to living in a smaller space. Lower utilities, less to clean… the list goes on and on. What typically doesn’t fall under the pros column, though, is picking the perfect sofa. Why? Well, it can be brutal to find one you feel would suit your tiny space like a dream, only to discover it’s simply too big.

But don’t relegate yourself to a life of old-school futons or generic sofas devoid of style just because you think they’re your only options. Having a smaller housing footprint doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. We live in a world with automated vacuums and robotic dog-watering bowls — of course society has figured out a way to translate comfort and style into sofas made for smaller homes.

The following assortment is proof. They are smaller than standard-size sofas, meaning you shouldn’t have any problem getting them into your home. Bonus? They’ve got loads of charisma.

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