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The 30 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time

Over the past several decades, there have been plenty of trends when it comes to hair: bobs, lobs, bangs, perms, poufs, layers, shags and mullets, to name a few. But to qualify as “iconic,” one must possess something so fantastic it stands the test of time — or at least, that’s our definition. Take, for instance, Jane Birkin’s fringe, Stevie Nicks’ cascading blond waves or Grace Jones’ box cut. It’s been eons, and we’re all still referencing and attempting to replicate the art that is/was their hair. See? Iconic.

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Scroll through to see our top 30 most iconic picks of the past half-century or so, and be prepared to feel très inspired (except for one certain ’90s child star whose fluffy bangs should be sent to a museum and packed away in the basement archives never to be seen again).


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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