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The 10 Best Hair Products to Refresh 2nd-Day Curls

Every curly girl knows that curls have a life of their own. Even if you take good care of them and show each ringlet love, they’re bound to defy you. Don’t believe me? Try using the same hair product for years, and I promise you, one day your curls won’t react the same way. It’s inevitable.

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That’s why I often avoid perfection on day one and look to second- and third-day curls for best results. My process is simple: First, I detangle my super-curly hair with a pre-shampoo. Next, I co-wash, and then I apply a deep conditioner and finally, a leave-in conditioner.

It’s pretty easy to follow, but there’s a catch. Sometimes after day two and three, my curls can look rather dehydrated and dull. So, I use refreshers to give them life, ultimately making magic happen.

Ahead, check out my favorite leave-in conditioners and sprays that effortlessly refresh second- and third-day curls.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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