10 Super-Moisturizing Lip Balms to Shop Right Now

We can pretty much collectively agree that the least cute beauty woe is dry-as-hell chapped lips, right? Seriously, whether we’re living in 90-degree summer heat or a below-freezing winter, our lips have a way of flaking up year-round — and we are not here for it. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide to find the most effective lip balms that will actually moisturize your lips and restore them to maximum smoothness.

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So get ready to say goodbye to that 5-year-old lip balm that’s been living at the bottom of your purse, because we found 10 brand-new formulas that are seriously good. And we’re not just talking about sheer, barely-there coverage, because we also found perfectly subtle tinted formulas for low-key color. Including the newest release from cult-favorite Eos and a caramel-scented balm from Fresh, our 10 picks are about to completely transform your lips.


Originally posted on StyleCaster