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11 Chic Workout Clothes Under $50 That’ll Make You Want to Hit the Gym

Is there anything more annoying than spending half your paycheck on a new workout get-up only to reduce it to a pile of sweaty laundry half an hour later? (Answer: yes — running holes into the inner thighs of a $100-pair of leggings.)

Frankly, we’d rather pull on a pilled pair of yoga pants and stretched-out sports bra from high school than cough up yet more cash for replacements. That’s why we were thrilled to discover that working out is far less excruciating when your outfit is cute and — dare we say? — actually affordable.

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True, the elliptical won’t necessarily be easier if you’re wearing a brand-new bra, and freshly bought leggings won’t help you magically deadlift twice your weight, but looking the part is half (er, maybe a quarter) the battle.

So donate or toss those worn-out old workout duds and click through for the best-looking workout gear under $50.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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