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The Best Under-$15 Face Mists to Try Today

We’ll level with you — some beauty products are just plain unnecessary. And upon first glance, face mists seem more like a fancy desk accessory than a true skin care staple. But with incredibly hydrating and soothing ingredients, face mists are actually becoming a nonnegotiable for a soft, dewy complexion.

Think about it. Even if you slather on a thick, creamy moisturizer at the start of your day, there’s a good chance your skin will start to feel dry by the afternoon. And lest you want to run to the bathroom during your lunch break and cleanse and moisturize your skin, face mists act as a quick and easy hydrator and toner. Ahead, you’ll find the 10 absolute best face mists to try today — all of which are loaded with no-BS ingredients like calming aloe and powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and green tea (no water-based, skin-drying formulas, here). Shop all 10 of our picks for the best, most effective under-$15 face mists.

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