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5 Makeup Artists Share Their All-Time Favorite Beauty Products

As full-blown beauty obsessives, we all have products that we straight-up refuse to leave the house without. Whether it’s a super-pigmented black eyeliner or a perfect, creamy red lipstick, there are always a few nonnegotiables permanently residing in our bags — whether we actually have the space for them or not. And the other day as we were bitching about the 8 billion lipsticks taking up the better half of our bags, it hit us: How the hell do makeup artists do it? Because in addition to lugging around a fully stacked kit for clients and gigs, they’re also tasked with curating an on-the-go selection of their personal favorites.

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So we went to five makeup wizards to find out their absolute favorite beauty products — not only their go-tos on set, but their desert island items that they’ll always make room for in their kits. Including a moisturizing facial oil that moonlights as a highlighter and a dual-ended lipstick for day-to-night wear, we found 12 products that are so damn good, we’re completely rethinking our personal collections. Ahead, shop the 12 products that makeup artists can’t live without alongside tips and tricks for getting the most out of each formula.


Originally posted on StyleCaster. 

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