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12 Best Frizz-Fighting Hair Products That Actually Work

Considering I can’t even count on two hands the number of summer mornings I’ve spent sweating my ass off blow-drying my hair (only to have it puff up the second I step outside), I’ve officially had it up-to-freaking-here with frizz. And sure, frizz is a year-round nightmare, but throw in sticky, 90-degree weather, and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm for borderline unbearable frustration. But just as I was about to say, “Screw it!” and let my hair succumb to the humidity gods, I gave it once last fighting chance and combed through the insanely massive market of frizz-fighting products to find formulas that actually work.

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Spoiler alert: I more than lived to tell the tale, as evident in my now hella-smooth, perfectly styled hair (modest, I know). Including a citrus-loaded leave-in treatment from Virtue Labs and a flyaway-taming spray from IGK, I discovered 12 products that leave hair incredibly hydrated and completely frizz-free. And all 12 shampoos, conditioners, oils and sprays are so damn effective that you won’t even need to give your hair extra TLC in the morning — just work them through your hair and go. So, get your frizz-fighting A-game on, and shop all 12 picks.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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