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10 Perfect Summer Fragrances to Try Today

If your summer has gone anything like ours, then it’s been one sweaty (see: smelly) roller coaster of a ride. Sorry. Maybe that’s TMI, but summer heat is no joke, and our clean, freshly showered scent hardly lasts through the first half of our hot-as-hell morning commute, let alone a full day in the sun. But lucky for us and, well, those around us, the summer season is always loaded with brand-spanking-new fragrances that not only mask unwanted odors, but leave your skin smelling freakishly good.

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We get it: You’ve probably been using the same scent for the past decade. But after combing through the newest, prettiest perfumes on the market right now, we’ve found 10 that are so damn good, you’ll be more than ready to swap it out. Including a lightweight rose and white flower-infused oil from Kai and a clean bergamot hair fragrance from Tocca, these new scents are about to majorly impact your summer. Shop all 10 of our picks for a variety of floral, woody and fruity perfumes to try right this second.


Originally posted on StyleCaster. 

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