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Meet Cleansing Oils: The All-in-One Beauty Product for When You’re Too Damn Busy

I’ll be honest with you: Washing my face at the end of an insanely long day used to feel like a chore. Not only would I begrudgingly scrub my face for five minutes with a makeup-remover wipe, but I’d usually wake up with traces of yesterday’s mascara still under my eyes or spots of concealer around my nose. But after listening to countless praises for the internet’s all-time favorite cleansing method, I decided to swap my traditional makeup remover for a cleansing oil.

At first, the thought of rubbing oil across my already oily complexion felt like I was asking for zits and irritation. But since opting for oil-based cleansers, my skin is clearer, my makeup is fully removed and, drum roll please, I actually enjoy washing my face. Seriously, all you do is slather a pump over dry skin for 15 to 20 seconds, and your makeup (yes, even waterproof formulas) binds to the oil and washes off. Post-cleansing, your face is basically a blank slate, which means any second face washes, serums or moisturizers actually penetrate your skin.

Ahead, you’ll find the 12 absolute best oil cleansers on the market right now, including small-batch, natural brands and drugstore favorites. Prepare to have your evenings dramatically altered.

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