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The 9 Best Korean Skin Care Products to Buy at Target Right Now

If you haven’t already swapped out half your vanity with Korean skin care products, you should have a long, hard think. And even though Korean beauty might not be the newest buzz-phrase on the block anymore, the country’s truly innovative skin care exports have earned their cult status — and their stateside acclaim.

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Sure, your regular ol’ foaming cleanser that you’ve used for the past decade probably suffices, and sure, the tinted moisturizer you’ve been satisfied with probably gets the job done, but why stop short of looking absolutely glowing? Go beyond your tired skin care routine with hydrating sheet masks tailored for different skin concerns, an essence focused on replenishing the moisture barrier or snail extract-laced repair cream — yep, we said snails — with antiaging ingredients like copper tripeptide and snail secretion filtrate. (That’s basically magical snail slime.)

But until recently, it was difficult to get your hands on these products, mostly because, you know, they live almost 7,000 miles away. But to our benefit, K-beauty brands began partnering with our favorite drugstores to provide easy access to their products — and now, all of your soon-to-be favorites have found a home at Target.

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Because there are a heck of a lot of products to sort through, we culled nine of the best Korean skin care products that you can find at Target right now. Go ahead. Start giving your skin the treatment it deserves.


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