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12 Products That Get Rid of Greasy Hair Fast

As much as we’d like to blame summer for all our beauty woes, we’ll be real with you. We find ourselves wondering how to get rid of greasy hair basically year-round. Whether it’s humidity, heat or our beauty-product obsession leaving us with buildup and oil, we’re literally in a constant battle between clean-ass hair and impossible-to-ignore grease. But after experimenting with every damn cleansing formula out there, we’ve finally found some real solutions for making grease nothing but a figment of your imagination.

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And we’re talking about so much more than just dry shampoos, because with deep-cleaning scrubs you can use in the shower and powerful clay masks, these game-changers are unlike anything that’s sitting in your bathroom cabinet right now. Ahead, you’ll find the 12 best products that actually get rid of greasy hair fast, including a new release from IGK and a drugstore favorite for under $10.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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