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The Best Antiaging Hand Creams You’ll Actually Want to Slather On

By now, we’ve accepted (albeit, begrudgingly) that we’re going to age. But despite our many attempts to love and appreciate our fine lines and wrinkles, we can’t fight the urge to at least try the 8 billion antiaging products on the market right now. And just when we thought our bathroom vanities couldn’t fit another product (not a whole lot of room behind our skin-plumping sheet masks and retinol-loaded moisturizers), we came across a game-changer that might be worth a remodel: antiaging hand creams.

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We mean, it just makes sense. Why spend time and money fighting off dark spots and lines on your face and neck only to leave the rest of your body to bear the brunt? But don’t worry, these aren’t lifeless products with empty claims, ’cause with ingredients like skin-firming vitamin C, incredibly moisturizing olive oil and wrinkle-fighting retinoids, you’ll actually want to slather these bad boys on. And the best part about a hand cream is that you don’t need to incorporate it into your a.m. or p.m. regimen — just throw a tube into your bag and pack it on whenever you damn please. So we combed through every antiaging hand cream to find the absolute 12 best formulas. Shop all of our picks ahead, including formulas from Juice Beauty, Paula’s Choice and more.


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