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The 9 Absolute Best Facial Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

I think one of my favorite things in the world is slathering on a creamy, soothing moisturizer after I’ve washed my face. Seriously, whether I’m applying makeup over it and starting my day or crawling into bed at night, a solid moisturizer is just a nonnegotiable for me. But considering a new product claiming to be the best facial moisturizer in all the land works its way into the market every second, it’s hard to sift through the duds and find formulas that agree with my complexion and don’t melt off my face the second I come into contact with heat (and in my air conditioner-less apartment, that’s a constant).

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So luckily for you (and kind of unluckily for my skin — sorry face, I love you), my beauty obsession has lead me to test and try upward of a billion formulas to find the perfect, most-hydrating facial moisturizers to rely on this season. Yep, I’m talking about lightweight formulas for morning and night that soothe dry, blah skin without inducing a heat flash. Click through for the nine best facial moisturizers for each and every skin type — even acne-prone and irritated, sunburned skin.


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