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The 10 Best, Gentlest Facial Scrubs to Try Tonight

Is it just us, or does exfoliating your face at the end of a long-ass day send you into straight-up euphoria? There’s just something weirdly satisfying about the concept of sloughing off dead skin and waking up with a soft, clear complexion. But as anyone with remotely sensitive skin knows, exfoliators often contain harsh, damaging ingredients that instead of leaving you with a Gigi Hadid-level glow, make your skin dry, irritated and angry.

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But luckily, it’s 2017, and that apricot exfoliator your mom swears by isn’t the only option out there anymore, because the market is currently loaded with soothing, gentle formulas that even super-sensitive complexions can rely on. As long as they’re used sparingly and no more than three times a week, these gentle face scrubs can help minimize breakouts, unclog pores, and keep blackheads at bay. Ahead, you’ll find the 10 best, gentlest face scrubs known to man, including Dermalogica’s tried-and-true rice-based formula and Aveeno’s skin-protecting soy extract exfoliator.


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