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What to Wear on Vacation: 25 Essentials to Pack

In a perfect world, packing for vacation would mean laying out the outfits you plan to wear a week before you leave, sensibly paring down where you can, then rolling them up in the most economical way to conserve space — all at your leisure.

In the real world, however, packing for vacation looks a little bit like a hurricane hit your closet and later transferred itself to your suitcase, leaving you at your destination with four of the same now-wrinkled T-shirts and sundresses, but with none of the sandals, bathing suits or accessories you made a mental note to take with you. And is there anything worse than buying a pair of overpriced flip-flops at the hotel gift shop that you’re just going to throw out the second you get off the plane?

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To keep that from ever happening again, we put together a quick packing list of what to wear on vacation. How you’re going to get it all to fit, though? That’s up to you.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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