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The 10 Best Antiaging Products to Buy at Sephora Right Now

If we had a million dollars, we’d bet it on the fact that the one thing the beauty world is obsessed with right now is antiaging products. Seriously, from fine line-fighting creams to dark spot-reducing masks, the market is just about overflowing with insanely good beauty products that fight off the wonderful, super-fun signs of aging. And even though Sephora, the undeniable Mecca of outrageously cool new releases, packs the most impressive, sought-after selection, it’s damn hard to weave through the store and find them all on your monthly (see: daily) trips to the mall.

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And since we spend way too much of our day stalking Sephora’s newest arrivals, we decided to do some digging for you. We combed Sephora’s massive (we’re talking huge) antiaging section to find the 10 best, top-rated formulas. Spoiler alert: They’re insane, and we’re literally kicking ourselves for all the money we’re about to spend. Shop all 10 products ahead, including a serum from BareMinerals and an under-$10 sheet mask from Boscia.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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