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The 10 Best Makeup Products You Need for Oily, Shiny Skin

If there’s one thing we’ve already accomplished this summer, it’s making our deeply rooted hatred for summer a well-known fact. (It’s too hot, OK?) And just when we thought our oil-free sunscreens could maybe, just maybe, lessen summer’s wrath, we slathered on our makeup and remembered that oily, shiny skin cannot hang with crazy-high temps and unbearable humidity, no matter how many oil-blotting sheets we use by noon.

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Sure, even the chillest of complexions melt into uncontrollably greasy messes during the summer, but if you’ve got type-A oily skin, you know what it’s like to deal with the overwhelming shine and inevitable breakouts that summer brings. So we’re done with it all. No, not with wearing makeup, but with slapping on products that have absolutely zero mattifying properties or staying powers. Instead, we rounded up the top-notch oil-controlling formulas on the market right now, like setting sprays that seriously keep your makeup from sliding off along with lightweight mattifying foundations that hide zits and redness without drying you out. Basically, we just found your dream team. Click through to see all 10 products.


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