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The 9 Best Lip Crayons That Won’t Melt off Your Face This Summer

OK, we get it — lip crayons don’t exactly scream, “Hey! Swipe me on!” Maybe it’s because the word “crayon” reminds us of our Crayola days, and the thought of dragging some waxy, dried-out color across our lips doesn’t exactly fill us with excitement. But guys, there’s a new class of lip crayons out formulated with creamy hydrators and long-lasting pigments, making them unlike anything you’ve tried before. Trust us when we say that you’re going to want to wear them every single day for the next two months.

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And to get you as excited as we are, we rounded up the best new crayons that not only hardcore hydrate your lips thanks to moisturizers like shea butter and aloe, but also leave them with a bright punch of color. And unlike your basic tinted lip balms that disappear by noon, these hyperpigmented hues will stick around through your second (and maybe even third) iced coffee. So read on to find your new go-to summer lip color and get swiping.


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