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The 10 Best Coconut Oil Beauty Products to Try Today

We’d like to introduce you to a miracle beauty ingredient we’re obsessed with right now — one that has the power to deeply moisturize and tame dry, coarse hair while also leaving skin with a soft, dewy finish. An ingredient that acts as a makeup remover and a moisturizer all at once without ever feeling sticky or cloying. Meet coconut oil, the most anticlimactic, not-at-all-new ingredient that you’d be crazy not to use this summer.

Yes, you’ve heard about coconut oil a billion (and one) times before today, but we’re willing to bet you’re still not slathering it over your body every day for some bizarre reason that makes us sad. Because coconut oil really is an all-in-one beauty product that protects, nourishes and straight-up makes you look excellent, which is why we’re so pumped by the new slew of coconut-infused beauty products making their way to the market.

So we rounded up our 10 favorite coconut-filled products, like an eye balm, a charcoal face mask and even a natural deodorant that we’ll definitely be layering on this month. Check them out and then promptly buy them all in a tropical wave of happiness.

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