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Summer Sweaters Are a Thing & Here’s Proof You Need One

If you’ve ever been at the beach past 5 p.m. or gone to a rooftop party during sunset or been to a restaurant with a generous flow of air conditioning, you know how quickly a 92-degree day can dissipate into a 60-something-degree night — or a very chilly dinner date. And sure, you could carry around a jacket with you — there’s no harm in that so long as it doesn’t totally clash with the rest of your outfit — or you could invest in a summer sweater.

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Unlike the chunky, thick-knit wool sweaters you wore all winter long, the best summer sweaters are typically lightweight, loose-knit and highly portable. They’re great for tying around your waist or stuffing in your bag during the day and look just as stylish atop a bathing suit and shorts or a breezy summer dress. (The perfect summer sweater truly comes in handy should someone ask you to go accompany them on an impromptu sailing trip.)

To make sure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way this season, we found 17 summer sweaters to scoop up for the chilly winter nights ahead.


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