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12 Insanely Pretty Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

OK, great, you made the chop — you cut off all of your hair in a lob, a pixie, a buzz cut, whatever, and now… uh… now what? Not that your newly short hair isn’t awesome, but it can feel a little limiting when trying to change up your style since braids and fancy updos are now out of the question. Which is why we’re really feeling fun hair colors since a few highlights or a brighter shade can completely revamp your hair, making it feel new again.

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And since virtually every celebrity has recently lopped off her hair and dyed it this month (lookin’ at you, Lucy Hale and Zoë Kravitz), we decided to turn to the celebrities for inspiration, rounding up the prettiest and most screen shot-worthy color ideas for short hair that we definitely think you should try today. Or at least really, really soon. Click through to see them all, and please promptly make a hair appointment. Thanks.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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