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19 Dressy Jumpsuits That’ll Pull Your Look Together Fast

So you have a wedding or an interview or a first date — you name it — and you have no idea what to wear. (We know the feeling.) And while it might sound like we’re about to point out the obvious, we’ll wager a guess that you’d sooner sort through dozens of dresses or skirt options before landing on a jumpsuit for any of those events, right?

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But hear us out: For those mornings when you can’t bear to do outfit math before your super-important meeting (read: midi skirt + button down shirt + belt + long-line blazer vest = interview outfit) or for the Saturday night wedding reception that happens to fall after you’ve exhausted all your LBD options or for the birthday party that you just can’t imagine wearing a restrictive bandage dress to, a dressy jumpsuit is the obvious choice.

While you can dress most jumpsuits up with a pair of heels, a truly formal-leaning jumpsuit isn’t always easy to find. With that in mind, we found 15 dressy jumpsuits — plus a few rompers thrown in for good measure — that’ll instantly pull your look together.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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