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The 9 Best Antiaging Products Real Moms Swear By

The other morning, I opened my bathroom cabinet and realized I own upward of a dozen antiaging products that all claim to be wrinkle fighting, fine line reducing and incredibly moisturizing. And yet I still feel like I don’t have enough. I blame these dumb thoughts on the fact that we’re living in a time when the world is completely and utterly obsessed with looking younger, which means the beauty world is flooded with wrinkle-killing “miracle workers.” And even for someone who has a new product land on her desk each morning, it’s hard to weed out the truly effective formulas from the straight-up ridiculous ones, which is why we decided to go to a group of real women who, sorry to say it, kind of know best: moms.

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Yes, we talked to nine real moms, from dermatologists to beauty vloggers, to find out the antiaging routines they swear by. And no, this isn’t just a list of nine different retinoids — these antiaging products are actually formulated to target different parts of your body, like a brightening drugstore cream for your eyes, an antiaging treatment for your hair and a line-plumping serum for your lips. Basically, if you’re on the wrinkle-hating bandwagon like I am, you’re going to want to incorporate these into your beauty routine, stat. So make a little room in your cabinet tonight, and shop these products.


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