How Your Favorite Celebs Really Get Perfect Hair

Stars, they’re just like us! No, but really — they are. They’re just people, and you know what people do? They wear curlers. That’s right. Because nobody actually wakes up like that. (Sorry, Beyoncé, not even you.) Nope, celebs wake up with the same limp, lifeless hair as us plebeians do — that’s just how it (our hair) rolls.

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And although for the past however many years, those undone, off-duty model waves have been a thing, the voluptuous bombshell hair of the ’90s era shan’t be ignored. Celebs know this, which is why they are routinely caught with curlers in their hair — and look downright iconic doing it.

Ahead, see 15 celebs, from Oprah Winfrey to Gigi Hadid, who together are making hair rollers chic again.


Originally posted on StyleCaster