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The 9 Best Dry Shampoos of All Time

Real talk: If we could wish for one thing — like, aside from world peace and eternal happiness and health — it would probably be a lifetime of good hair days every single morning. And though we have yet to have our wishes granted (does anyone have a good genie recommendation?), we’ve at least gotten pretty damn close thanks to the magical powers of dry shampoo. But as we’re starting to find out through annoying trial and error, not all dry shampoos are created equal. In fact, some aren’t even created in the same universe, like the clear, sticky, does-nothing-but-smells-tacky formulas. Which is why we’re here.

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Because we want you to stop wasting money on shitty products and instead steer you in the direction of dry shampoos that are seriously good, like lightweight, volumizing formulas that leave your hair smelling like a rose garden (for real) or scalp-refreshing formulas specifically designed for curls. So we parsed through the zillion shampoos currently on today’s market and cherry-picked the best dry shampoos for every hair type. Click through to see our favorites and let your secretly three-day-old hair revel in the joy of staying dirty another day longer.

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