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The 7 Best Korean Antiaging Beauty Products That Seriously Work

Welcome to 2017, a time in which 8 billion antiaging products currently line the shelves of every beauty aisle in the world, promising to magically erase any and all signs of wrinkles and fine lines from your face. But let us also welcome you to this harsh reality: No product can truly stop your skin’s natural process of aging (nope, not even that $800 diamond-infused eye cream). And although we’ll probably never find a real-life miracle product — other than retinoids; sorry, they’re the gold standard for a reason — we may have found a freakishly close second: Korean beauty antiagers.

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Considering the skin care gods behind K-beauty products are responsible for arguably the most innovative and effective formulas on the market right now, like cleansers with skin-tightening egg whites and eye creams loaded with fine line-plumping snail extract (yup), we think it’s officially time to turn to the masters of truly flawless skin for your new antiaging routine. And with K-beauty brands becoming more accessible every week (they’re even available at Target and CVS), you have pretty much zero reason not to immediately stock up on the top-rated brands. That is, unless you have no idea where to start. So to help you out, we combed through the top-rated cult favorites to find the seven best K-beauty antiaging products on the market right now.

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