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13 Best Sun Hats for Women We’re Very Into

You’re not going to make us wax poetic about the importance of sun protection in the summer, right? You already know that UV rays can cause irreparable sun damage, and that damage danger is all the more present in the summer, right? So we don’t have to jump into a spiel about wearing SPF 50 every day or about reapplying it every two hours — or more if you’re swimming or sweating? OK, good. Then we can just talk about how frickin’ adorable these sun hats are.

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Sure, basket bags and rattan totes might be the only wicker accessories truly enjoying the summer spotlight right now, but we’re making a case for the straw hat. Not only is the right iteration a solid way to protect yourself from the sun, but it’s also a great addition to any outfit that’s grounded in beach attire. And to celebrate the unofficial start to summer, we found 13 of the most stylish sun hats on the market at every price point. A floppy ’70s-style straw hat, a fringed-brim iteration we’re obsessed with and a wide-brimmed style that’s truly unique — plus 10 more — ahead.


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