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11 Fast & Easy Beauty Products Busy Moms Swear By

You know those mornings that you’re so incredibly rushed that you hardly have enough time to brush your teeth, let alone get through your entire skin care and makeup routine? Well, we feel you, because one too many skipped products and a billion mad dashes to work later, and our beauty-loving selves have officially had enough. Basically, we want beauty products that are faster, easier and all-around better because we just don’t have the time or patience anymore. So we asked for recommendations from the absolute experts of busy mornings: moms.

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We chatted with 11 real moms — including stay-at-home entrepreneurs, dermatologists and beauty vloggers — to find out which beauty products they swear by for their craziest of days, and trust us — they’re seriously good. So whether you’re looking for a brow-defining pomade that’s so easy to use one mom can draw it on while in the car to work, or a lightweight concealer that another mom swears by for hiding all of her darkest circles, these 12 products are about to become your newest time-saving investments. Click through to see (OK, let’s be real, buy) them all, and be prepared to hit snooze for the first time in years. That is, unless your kids wake you up first.

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