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7 Celebs Who Will Make You Want to Dye Your Hair Blond ASAP

Dyeing your hair blond can be an anxiety-ridden, nerve-wracking experience. Aside from frantically asking your partner, your co-worker, your gardener and your bank teller, “Would I look good with blond hair?” unfortunately, there’s no magical way to really know until you just do it, which is why our answer to that question will always be an adamant, resounding, “yes!”

Yes, you should dye your hair blond because even though it can feel like a major risk, it’s also one that could hardcore pay off. Of course, if you’ve never been blond before or you’re at all nervous, don’t try this hair change at home — make an appointment with a well-reviewed colorist and bring a ton of inspo images with you so your stylist knows exactly what you have in mind.

And to get you started with the photos, we rounded up our favorite blond celebrities who prove that you should dye your hair blond immediately.

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