The 9 Best New Root Cover-Up Products That Actually Work

Some people dream of winning the lottery and retiring to the beaches of Tulum; others dream of becoming an ultra-famous celebrity and winning the hearts of Ruby Rose or Ryan Reynolds. But for us, our dreams are simple: to never, ever, ever have to go to the salon to touch up our roots ever again. It seems unfair that coloring your hair only results in a few weeks of bliss before the grow-out phase begins. And unless you are, in fact, Rose or Reynolds, we’re willing to bet you don’t have a spare three hours and a bag of gold coins to throw at your colorist every other week, which is why we’re so obsessed with root cover-up products.

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OK, chill — we’re not talking about the old-school root products of your mother’s time where you had to re-dye your roots with only five crappy color options to choose from, but a new wave of seriously awesome root-disguisers, like an airbrusher that literally mists color over your roots to hide them or a waterproof pigment-loaded spray that applies like dry shampoo, crayons and markers that help you scribble out stubborn grays and growth near your hairline and, yes, even a few super-easy-to-use dyes.

Basically, thanks to the modern magic of 2017, there’s approximately zero reason you should ever need to go to your colorist on a monthly basis if you don’t want to. So to get you started on your new happy journey, click through our favorite root touch-up products and buy approximately all of them today.

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.