5 Insanely Easy Hairstyles Every Woman Should Master

You know those girls who just seem to have their shit together at all times? Like, the women who walk off red-eye flights with perfectly mussed-up beachy waves looking like they just took a seven-hour nap on the beaches of Tulum, or the girls at the gym with impossibly pretty topknots and braids that you’re pretty positive they threw together in 30 seconds? Yeah, well, we have one question for them: How? No, seriously, how?! How in the hell do you have such a mastery over basic hairstyles when we’re stuck here trying to keep our ponytail from sliding out by noon?

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Welp, as it turns out, they’re all a bunch of secret wizards, and we’re actually living in a Harry Potter wonderland. OK, not really, but #dreams, right? Still, even if you’re missing the extra hair chromosome that allows you to intrinsically know how to operate a curling iron or round brush, it doesn’t mean you, too, can’t look like a beach-sleeping hair pro.

And to prove it, we got actual hair wizard Jasmine Santiago to show us how to create five super-pretty yet surprisingly easy hairstyles with very little skill needed. We’re talkin’ beachy waves, Victoria’s Secret-level bed-head hair, fishtail braids and messy buns, all broken down in simple, beginner-style GIFs. So to get started, click through the tutorials below and be prepared to have strangers in the airport staring enviously at you.

Photographer: Tory Rust

Model:  Olga with MSA Models

Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci

Hair: Jasmine Santiago

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.