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13 Times Chrissy Teigen Had the Best Hair Ever

When you’re Chrissy Teigen, a few things come naturally to you: creating a ridiculously adorable daughter, wearing the hell out of a bathing suit and having beachy, bed-heady hair that looks super-, super-good in virtually all photos. Yes, there are a billion other non-superficial things about Teigen we love too, but for now, we’ll be focusing on the appearance part, because in case you haven’t noticed, Teigen’s hair is freaking amazing at all times.

Yes, yes, we know she’s a model, which means she has a team of hair wizards on call to help her look picture-perfect, but even in her everyday, normal-life shots, her hair is still the thing of dreams. So we rounded up all of our favorite Teigen hair moments for the ultimate inspiration, so you can have all of the I-want-this-hair photos to bring to your hairstylist during your next appointment. Click through to see our favorites!

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