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13 Insanely Good Skin Care Products You Didn’t Know Were at Walmart

Imagine being able to walk down the aisles of a store — yes, a store! With physical walking! — and stock up on all your favorite skin care products, including drugstore and department store brands (what up, Clinique) along with some seriously cool, lesser-known indie brands all in one place. Sounds like beauty heaven, right? Welp, we’re here to tell you this place exists, and it’s probably not what you’re expecting, because surprise: It’s Walmart.

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Yes, this is further proof that the retailer carries literally anything you could ever need, all at a decently affordable price, which is a good thing, because we found 13 surprisingly excellent skin care products that you’re immediately going to want to buy, including a Clarins antiaging serum, a Soo Ae brightening sheet mask and Murad clarifying acne cleanser. So click through our 13 favorite skin care products at Walmart, then enjoy the fact that your next shopping trip is about to get so much easier.

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