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The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup: 5 Easy Tutorials to Try Now

By the time you hit a certain age (say, when you can legally buy a shot of vodka or rent a car — ideally not at the same time), there are a few things you’re magically expected to know, and for some reason, makeup is one of them. We’re not sure if the entire world had a secret makeup 101 seminar in between junior high and high school that we weren’t invited to, but somewhere along the way, your best friend, your co-worker and your bank teller managed to perfect the art of the cat-eye, airbrushed concealer, Cara Delevingne-level brows and just looking really, really good.

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Hey, nobody needs to wear makeup. If you feel comfortable with the routine you have right now — whether that’s just a layer of sunscreen or a coat of mascara and lip balm — then hell yes; more power to you. But if you want to finally learn how to use all of those products sitting in the bottom of your makeup bag or just get a refresher on the tricks you’ve already tried, then hey, welcome.

Because we rounded up the most-asked beauty questions of 2016 — including how to fill in brows, subtly contour and highlight your facecover up pimplesapply concealer and use liquid eyeliner — and broke them down into easy-to-follow, ridiculously simple, GIF-filled tutorials. Call it the makeup manual you never received or your beauty fairy godmother, because either way by the end of this slideshow you’ll have a mastery of makeup. Or at least a pretty intermediate grasp — which is still enough to rival your bank teller.

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