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9 Times Celebrities Went on the Record About Plastic Surgery

People are always playing did-they-or-didn’t-they about celebrities and various plastic surgery procedures. Did Kylie Jenner have lip injections? (Yes.) Did Iggy Azalea get a boob job? (Yep.) Did Ariel Winter have breast-reduction surgery? (Mmm-hmm.)

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And though whispers often twirl through the rumor mill about whether any given celeb did or did not get something done, there are some brave souls who actually go on the record and admit to their various plastic procedures as opposed to denying the rumors or refusing to talk about them at all. After all, there’s no shame in that game — which is all the truer if you’re open and honest about it. (One StyleCaster editor got Botox — twice — and lived to tell the tale, so why not celebrities, who are constantly in the public eye and feeling the pressure of fame?)

Ahead, discover nine stars who said yes to plastic surgery — and went on to tell various publications all about it.

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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