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13 Off-the-Shoulder Tops to Ring in Warm Weather

Every so often, a trend comes along that you squarely decide isn’t for you. This season for me, it’s corsets: They’re just not my style. And maybe last year when off-the-shoulder everything started to blow up, you wrote off the trend as too showy or too young — or just not something you even knew how to style.

But now that we’ve hit peak trend — that’s to say, most retailers give the style its own tab under “tops” — you’ve seen myriad ways to style off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses that you had to have found one that feels true to you. Plus, there’s a reason so many dress codes prohibit them: Shoulders are inherently sexy. They’re not exactly private, but putting them on display just makes you stand up a little taller. And as Donna Karan famously said, “The shoulder looks good no matter your age or body type.”

With that boost of confidence in mind, we found 13 off-the-shoulder tops that aren’t just on-trend — they’re majorly flattering.

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