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13 Times Lily Collins Had the Best, Most Inspiring Makeup Ever

Fun fact: We’re mind readers. No, really—go ahead and think of Lily Collins for second. We’re going to say that the first thing that came to your mind was images of her bold, insanely perfect eyebrows, right? Told you so. But did you know that aside from her incredibly inspo-worthy brows, she actually has really, really excellent makeup, as well? We’re talking matte red lips, graphic cat-eyes, and subtle, smokey shadows, all of which are make us miss the days of simple, easy makeup that didn’t require a 23-step YouTube tutorial or a stint in beauty school.

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Listen, in a world where next-level contour, disco-ball highlighter, and rainbow eyeshadow are becoming the norm (though, hey, we aren’t complaining—the more individuality, the better), it’s weirdly refreshing to see Collins’ clean, simple, and incredibly classic makeup looks. So to remind you that old-school Hollywood makeup never goes out of style, we rounded up Collins’ 13 best, most screenshot-worthy looks, below. Trust us when we say you’re going to want to start practicing your cat-eye STAT.

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